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Double Masters 2022 Premium Launch Party

The most anticipated set of the year arrives in July and we are going all out for our VIPs!
This event will be held at the Albatross Restaurant at Settler’s Bay Golf Course. Game Theory owner and Albatross Executive Chef Brandon will be serving a buffet dinner and the launch draft of Double Masters 2022 will follow. Soft drinks are included and a full bar is available for additional beverage purchases.
Seats are limited and pre-registration is strongly recommended!
Event Entry: $95
Buffet served 6:00pm
Draft begins 7:00pm
Tournament Structure: Drafting will occur in pods as close to 8 as possible. Play will be in 3 swiss-style rounds within drafting pods. A special draft rule is in effect for this set in which two cards are chosen on the first pick from each pack.
Prizing: Double Masters 2022 Draft Boosters will be awarded to players after three rounds on the following schedule:
0-1 match wins: 1 pack
2 match wins: 2 packs
3 match wins: 4 packs
One or more Double Masters Collector Boosters (number depending on attendance) will be awarded at random as well.
The first 16 players to register for a Double Masters 2022 Launch event will receive the exclusive promo pair, Bring to Light and Weathered Wayfarer.

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