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Downloadable Deck List Forms

If an event requires a deck list to be submitted, players have the option of picking up a paper form in-store, using a deck list creation app or website, or downloading a form below to fill out. Paper forms may be submitted during event registration. Digital deck lists may also be emailed to Emailed lists must be received at least one hour prior to the opening of registration on the day of the event.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck List

Magic: the Gathering Deck List


Trade-In Policy

Game Theory accepts cards for trade from most trading card games. Trades for small quantities of cards (under approximately 20) can generally be done on a walk-in basis. Larger quantities can be purchased on the spot at a bulk rate or priced individually with a 1-3 day turnaround time. For large collections, it is recommended that an appointment be made for a dedicated staff member to review the collection. Any seller who requests an individually priced offer rather than bulk rate and does not accept the offer will be charged a service fee of $10 per 100 cards priced, rounded up to the nearest $10, and will receive a printout of the cards and values assigned.

We offer 50% of the current market value of traded cards in store credit for most trades. Bulk rates vary per game and rarity between $3-$10 per thousand. Cash offers are half of the credit offer value and are subject to manager approval.

Game Theory takes the provenance of cards we purchase seriously and will do due diligence to confirm the authenticity and legitimacy of any purchased items before making them available for resale. All trades require presentation of valid ID and contact information. In the event that we unknowingly acquire stolen merchandise we will fully cooperate with authorities as required. Credit or cash offers are good only at the time of the offer. Game Theory reserves the right to refuse any trade for any reason.