RPG Adventure Module Writing Contest

Show off your imagination and writing skills in our Role-Playing Game Adventure Module Writing Contest!


Submit a short adventure for 5th Edition D&D, Dungeon Crawl Classics, or the Mörk Borg role-playing system. Modules should meet the following guidelines:

  • One session: should be playable in 2-3 hours
  • Self-contained: should provide page numbers for reference in the D&D Player’s Handbook or Monster Manual, the DCC Core Rulebook, or the Mörk Borg Rulebook. Any other necessary stats, spell info, or item info should be included in the module.
  • Character Guidelines: pregenerated characters are not required, but the level band and any expected character creation parameters should be clearly spelled out.
  • Original: should not use intellectual property that belongs to any other entity
  • Family Friendly: like the store, keep it PG-13, please!
  • Legible: handwritten entries may be accepted but will not be judged if they cannot be read easily.


Judging will be based on the following criteria:

  • Well written: proper grammar and spelling, overall quality of the writing
  • Layout: how easy it is to find necessary information during the course of the session; how intuitive is the flow of the module
  • Ease of preparation: how well the setting is described, player goals are explained, and background information for the DM is presented
  • Creativity & fun: How unique or innovative is the adventure? How fun was it to play?


Contest entries are due by the end of business on Sunday, August 21st. Entries should be submitted in-store as a physical copy. The entries will be blind-read after the submission deadline. Up to four finalists will be selected, and their modules played over the weekend of August 26th-28th at in-store sessions open to the public. The winner will be announced on Monday, August 29th, during our 4th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Party.

The winner will receive a set of Opalite Gemstone dice and a wooden dice case from Metallic Dice Games. In addition, with a minimum of four entrants, Game Theory will offer to buy publishing rights for the winning module for $100, with the intent to publish both digital and physical copies. If publication of the winning module is pursued, Game Theory will provide illustration and cartography services.

Runner-up or honorable mention prizes may be awarded, depending on the number of entries received. Individuals may enter more than one module for consideration, but may not win more than one prize. No entry fee is required to participate.