Dominaria United Prerelease

Return with us to the legendary plane of Dominaria!


New for Dominaria United: Jumpstart Prerelease

Jumpstart prerelease is a great option for newer players or those who want a quicker prerelease experience. You will receive two Dominaria United Jumpstart Boosters which can be shuffled together to make a ready-to-play 40-card deck. Play at least two games with other prerelease participants to earn a Dominaria United Set Booster pack. Bring a friend to play against and we’ll throw in an extra prize pack for each of you!

Friday 9/2, 5:00pm & Tuesday 9/6, 5:00pm – Entry $15


Traditional 6-pack Sealed

You will receive a prerelease pack which includes six draft boosters, a spindown life counter, and a foil promo card. Each player creates a minimum 40-card deck from among the cards in the prerelease pack; basic lands are also provided.

Play is in 3 swiss-style rounds of best-of-three matches. Prizing is in Dominaria United Set Boosters and is awarded based on record as follows: 3 wins = 5 packs; 2 wins = 3 packs; 1 win = 2 packs; 0 wins = 1 pack

In addition, random prizes will be awarded after each round, and any undefeated players (all wins or draws) will receive a voucher for entry into a Standard format tournament in the Dominaria United Season.

Friday 9/2, 7:00pm; Saturday 9/3, 11:00am; Tuesday 9/6, 7:00pm – Entry $30

Sealed displays of Set boosters, Draft boosters, and Collector boosters will also be available for sale during prerelease week. Preorders which are paid by Wednesday, 8/31 are eligible for an extra discount!

Set Booster Display – Regular $160 / Prepaid $145

Draft Booster Display – Regular $145 / Prepaid $130

Collector Booster Display – Regular $320 / Prepaid $290