Commander Legends 2: Battle for Baldur’s Gate

Commander Legends returns with the Battle for Baldur’s Gate!
Booster boxes available for preorder:
Draft Booster (24 packs) Prepaid $120/At Release $135
Set Booster (18 packs) Prepaid $135/At Release $150
Collector Booster (12 packs) Prepaid $350/At Release $390
Prerelease for this set is a draft format followed by open play in multi-player pods. Every player receives a prerelease pack with three draft boosters and one foil promo plus one set booster for prizing.
***Earn a second prize booster when you preregister by Thursday, June 2nd!***
Drafts will fire with a minimum of 8 people. One round of pods will be organized after drafting, and players are welcome to remain and play multiple games.
Event Entry: $25
Event Schedule:
Friday, June 3 – 3:00pm [JJDMYY]
Friday, June 3 – 7:00pm [38DV7Z]
Sunday, June 5 – 3:00pm [6J467X]
Wednesday, June 8 – 3:00pm [5ED37R]
Wednesday, June 8 – 7:00pm [76D57J]

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