Regional Championship Qualifier

Another chance to earn a spot at a top-level competitive Magic event is coming up at Game Theory in July!
Tournament format: Sealed (The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth)
As a premier event, MTG tournament rules for swiss rounds and playoff rounds will be in effect. A Top 8 draft will follow swiss play.
Pre-register for discounted entry and an Unholy Heat promo. Preregistration may be done in-store or by phone at 907-373-4263.
Day-of registration opens at 10:00am. A reserved but unpaid seat will be held until 10:45 before being opened to any waiting list. The player meeting will begin promptly at 11:00am. Round 1 will begin at 12:00pm.
Seating is capped at 24 players.
First place receives a large prize package including:
· An invitation to participate in Dreamhack’s Regional Championship (December 15-17 in Atlanta, GA)
· A foil Eldritch Evolution promo
· A Champion’s Lanyard set from Pinfinity
· A Custom Game Theory Playmat
· Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth Set Booster packs (quantity based on total participation)
Top 8 finishers receive a non-foil Eldritch Evolution promo card and a Top 8 Pin from Pinfinity.
Additional playmats and promos will be awarded based on attendance. All participants receive Lord of the Rings set booster packs (exchangeable for $8 store credit) based on final standing from a prize pool of two packs per player.
***Early Registration Discounts***
On or before Saturday, June 24th: $60
On or before Friday, July 7th: $70
Day-of registration: $80