Regional Championship Qualifier

Competitive play on a grand scale has returned to Magic, and you can win a chance to compete in the big leagues right here at your friendly local game store!

Tournament Structure

Constructed format – Modern
As a premier event, a cut to a playoff will be in effect per MTG tournament rules.
Entry for this event is $30.

Pre-register in store or by calling 907-373-4263. Preregistered players earn the exclusive Mystical Dispute promo.

Prepay by Monday, February 27th for a $5 discount off entry.

Day-of registration opens at 11:00am. A reserved but unpaid seat will be held until 11:25 before being opened to any waiting list. The player meeting will begin promptly at 11:30am. Round 1 will begin at 11:45am.
Seating is capped at 32 players.

Decklist Registration

Decklists are required for this event. Random deck checks will be in effect during the tournament.
Decklists must be registered before the tournament begins. This may be done in several ways:
  • Download a printable decklist form:…/mtg_constructed_deck… You can bring the printed list with you when you arrive for the tournament.
  • Create a decklist file to download: You can print this file and bring it in or email it to us at
  • Submit a decklist through mtgmelee: You will need to create a mtgmelee account and register for the tournament, which will bring you to the decklist registration page.
  • Paper forms will be available at the tournament; please allow time to complete the form before Round 1 begins.

Prize Structure

First place receives a large prize package including:
· An invitation to participate in Dreamhack’s Regional Championship (June 2-4 in Dallas, TX)
· A foil Thing in the Ice promo
· A Champion’s Lanyard set from Pinfinity
· A scaling cash prize* starting at $50 vests with 12 or more participants
Second place receives a custom art Game Theory playmat; a scaling cash prize also vests with 16 or more participants.
Third & Fourth place receive a custom art Game Theory playmat with more than 16 participants, and a scaling cash prize with more than 24 participants.
Top 8 finishers receive a non-foil Thing in the Ice promo card and a Top 8 Pin from Pinfinity.
All participants receive set booster packs (exchangeable for $5 store credit) awarded based on final standing from a prize pool of two packs per player.


Monday 2/27/23 9:00pm – deadline to preregister for entry discount
Friday 3/3/23 9:00pm – deadline to preregister for Mystical Dispute promo
Saturday 3/4/22
11:00am – doors open for registration
11:25am – unclaimed seats opened to waitlisted players
11:30am – registration closes; player meeting begins
11:45am – round 1 begins

*Scaling cash prize starts at $50 with 12 players, and increases with every 4 players. At 16 participants a cash prize is added to 2nd place and at 24 participants a cash prize is added to 3rd & 4th place. Please ask in-store for specific details.