5th Anniversary Events

Join us for a variety of events celebrating our fifth anniversary!


Friday, 8/25: Magic: the Gathering Throwback Draft

  • We will draft with one pack each from Ravnica: City of Guilds, Guildpact, and Dissension. Prizing will include two set boosters of Commander Masters in the pool for each player and a custom Game Theory playmat and 30th Anniversary booster pack for the winner.
  • Start time: 6:45pm
  • Entry fee: $100


Saturday, 8/26: Warhammer 40k Tournament

  • Our first epic battle under the new 10th edition rules! Bring a 2000 point roster and be prepared to provide a hard copy if necessary. Terrain will be pre-set and mission rules will be provided on the day of the event. Due to space constraints, this will be a 2-round tournament and will be capped at 8 participants. Final rank will be based on victory points accumulated and prizes include a trophy for the winner and store credit certificates for top finishers.
  • Registration: 9:00am // Start time 10:00am
  • Entry fee: $20


Saturday, 8/26: Smash Tournament

  • Winner earns an invite to our big event at Valley Comic Con, including convention entry!
  • Start time: 12:00pm
  • Entry fee: $10


Saturday, 8/26: Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

  • Constructed tournament featuring a custom Game Theory playmat and sealed box of Duelist Nexus for the winner.
  • Start time: 7:00pm
  • Entry fee: $5


Sunday, 8/27: D&D New Player Workshop

  • DM Zach will take you through the basics of the world’s most popular role-playing game. All participants will get a free set of dice!
  • Start time: 3:00pm
  • Entry fee: Free!


Sunday, 8/27: One Piece TCG Buddy Battle

  • Team up to play 2×2 pirate battles! The winning team will split a sealed booster box of Romance Dawn and two custom Game Theory playmats, and extra prizes will be awarded at random throughout the tournament.
  • Start time: 5:00pm
  • Entry fee: $18


Sunday, 8/27: Painting Contest Entries Due

  • Enter in one of three categories: 13 & Under, Single Model, or Squad. One entry per person. Entries will be displayed for voting on one overall fan favorite winner during our Customer Appreciation Party and a judged winner will be chosen in each category based on originality, technique, detail work, and overall appeal of the finished product. Winners will be announced at our Paint & Hobby night on Thursday, 8/31.
  • Entry deadline: 8:00pm
  • Entry fee: Free!


Monday, 8/28: Customer Appreciation Party!

  • We want to celebrate *you* helping us get to five years! Between 4pm and 7pm you can stop by for snacks, vote on your favorite entry in our painting contest, and tie dye a free 5th anniversary Game Theory t-shirt. Our customer appreciation drawing will take place at 6:00pm. Just a few of the items for the drawing include: Warhammer 40K Starter Set, Magic 30th Anniversary Pack, a $100 Gift Certificate, and a Lord of the Rings tablemat. Earn entries into the drawing by visiting the store between Friday, 8/25 and the start of the party on Monday (one entry per person per day.) You do not need to be present at the drawing to win. Thank you for making us your friendly local game store!


Monday, 8/28: Digimon Store Championship

  • Constructed tournament for special Store Championship promos. The winner will receive a sealed Digimon booster box and a custom Game Theory playmat, and additional prizes will be awarded at random.
  • Start time: 7:00pm
  • Entry fee: $18


Tuesday, 8/29: Flesh & Blood Win-a-Box

  • Win a box of Dusk Till Dawn in this Classic Constructed tournament! Promos will be awarded to all players, a beautiful stained glass Flesh and Blood playmat will be awarded at random, and the winner will also receive a custom Game Theory playmat.
  • Start time: 6:00pm
  • Entry fee: $20


Wednesday, 8/30: Commander Mini-Bingo Night

  • Fill a special 3×3 bingo card to earn a promo pack. Througout the night everyone who participates in bingo and signs in on the companion app is entered into the random giveaways we will be doing. Prizes include: Commander Masters packs, Wilds of Eldraine prerelease entry, Compleat Bundle, and Magic 30th Anniversary pack.
  • Start time: 5:00pm (Bingo cards must be completed by 9:00pm)
  • Entry fee: $5